Buying a Registration

Use the SEARCH BOX to enter the registration you have seen for sale in one of our national newspaper advertisements or via our website and you will immediately be told if that registration mark is still available. If it is no longer available for sale, enter the combination of letters only, in the SEARCH BOX and any alternative options will be displayed.

If your selected registration is available, follow the onscreen instructions to complete your purchase. For more information about the buying process, view our Buying Guide .

You can enter words or names in the SEARCH BOX, however, for the best results, you should limit each search to a single combination of letters for example SUE, JON, BMW etc. It is worth remembering that UK registrations can only include a maximum of 3 consecutive letters (although many may have age identifiers which provide an additional one or two letters). Read more about the different types of registration here .

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